At EyePro, we proudly offer the best, most advanced lenses in the America's.  Year after year our Pro's sell more than 80% digitally enhanced, high definition lenses.  We will customize your lenses to the exact specifications on how you use them. 


Our lenses are made right here in Michigan with the best in free-form, HD technology, which makes your eyeglass lenses the most customized and bulls-eye accurate lenses available.  This process boasts HD accuracy to give your eyeglasses superior, edge to edge, lens clarity.



Our Crizal enhanced lenses are life-tested to provide the most complete protection by defending against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and UV light.  Crizal is, by far, the market leader of no-glare lenses and is worn by more than 150 million people worldwide.  These lenses provide relief from digital eye-strain, are safer for night driving and daily UV light protection.  Not to mention, from the outside viewers perspective, they make your eyeglass lenses look invisible and amazing! 



At EyePro we expect our opticians to be masters in eyeglass frame styling.  We hand select our entire eyewear collection throughout the network.  Our experience is unparalleled in customizing your eyewear according to your prescription and personal style.  The majority of our patients have several unique, wonderful options to choose from.  Which leads you to making a choice, which looks better?  Frame one or frame two?




All frames are warranted to be free of defects for one year from your original date of purchase, on new, complete pair purchases.  Any work determined to be done with the eyewear outside of our shop will void the warranty.  Reusing your previous eyeglass frames, regardless of age, is not recommended and will not be warranted.  Frames broken due to neglect or accident or misuse are not covered*.

Lenses with scratch resistant coating are warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for one year from your original date of purchase.  Scratch resistant coating does not make the lenses scratch-proof.  Proper care should be taken when cleaning your eyeglass lenses (refer to the lens care instructions below).  Lenses that are scratched, broken or chipped due to neglect or accident or misuse are not covered*.  

Anti-reflective coatings or "no-glare" lenses are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects for one year from the original date of purchase. 

Should you need a eyeglass frame and/or lens replacement that is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty as stated above, we will extend a 50% discount off the original retail price to replace a frame, lenses or complete pair one time.  Exclusions are to Ray Ban, Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch and Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.  For warranty information on these products please see our opticians or refer to the manufacturer's warranty details).

*Examples of neglect, accidents, or misuse include the following but are not limitied to: dropping, improper storage or handling, sitting on them, removing them from your head incorrectly, damage as a result of collision, children or pets.


EYEWEAR CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS:   Rinse dirt and debris off of your lenses with cool, clean running water to remove any abrasives that may be on them.  Then, spray with an approved cleaner and wipe with a soft, clean microfiber eyeglass cloth.  Do not use a cloth that has been subjected to harsh soaps or fabric softener.