Vision examinations are an important part of preventative health care.  Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms.  Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision conditions are essential for maintaining good vision and eye health.

A comprehensive vision exam can include everything from testing for your eyeglass prescription to ocular alignment function, eye muscle movements, glaucoma testing and microscopic viewing of the your retina.  If needed, the doctor will discuss the best corrective lens options as well as treatment options that may be further needed for other eye related conditions.



Your contact lens evaluation will optimize hundreds of combinations of contact lens types, materials, shapes, sizes and powers to best fit your needs.  We offer contact lenses for all wearing preferences, ranging from daily wear, astigmatism, bifocals and cosmetic, color lenses.  We are also fortunate to be trained in advanced medical contact lens treatments for non-conventional contact lenses.  As an example, we offer Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses, Keratoconus treatment, Scleral contact lenses and lenses for disfigured eyes.



Sometimes, there is not a visual or "refractive" explanation for a change in a persons vision.  Often times, patients schedule an appointment with medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, or other medical conditions related to the eye.  These are a few examples in which we would need to incorporate more comprehensive diagnostics to evaluate the eye on a medical basis, rather than with a routine exam.  An EyePro doctor has the ability to manage and treat ocular conditions.  We can accommodate emergencies, evening and Saturday appointments. Do we examine for Macular Degeneration? Glaucoma? Cataracts? Diabetes? Floaters? Dry Eye? Absolutely!